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Your Digital Business Card 

Icon representing the One Card can be shared on smartphones, tablets and computers with no app required

 How the One Card™ Works

Your One Card™ works on smartphones, tablets and computers with no app required and can be shared through email, text, QR codes, etc.

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Additional Features

The One Card™ offers so many features to better connect with your potential customer. Here are a few additional features that we like to call, "icing on the cake"

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One Card™ in Your Industry

No matter what industry you're in, the One Card™ can help you connect with potential customers and create strategic business relationships.

Why a One Card™ instead of paper?

Is your business card still effective?

10 billion business cards were printed last year and on average 90% were thrown away. WIth no real changes in 500 years, why are we still using business cards if we know they are ineffective? It's time to fire your paper business card! 
Are you a modern entrepreneur? 

This digital age we live in has created a necessity for the entrepreneur to stay connected and to grow their business by utilizing technology. The paper business card does not make sense in a digital world. Your One Card™ can be shared and saved instantly on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Digital business cards are the future!

Imagine you’re at your favorite coffee shop, you strike up a conversation with someone enjoying a latte. He hands you his paper business card and you text him your One Card. Now, odds are your going to lose or throw away his business card, but with the One Card, he can save your information directly into his contacts or as a custom app icon on his device, for easy access and instant sharing.


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One Card is featured in several media venues
Featured One Card members like Nixa Chamber, Limu, MAS, Coldwell Banker, Visalus, etc.

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